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About Chairman

Mr. Mustafizul Huda

Mr. Mustafizul Huda is from Laksmipur Bangladesh. He comes off a distinguished educated Muslim family. He majored in Economics from Dhaka Universiry. He began his Career as a lecturer in Haragonga College, Munshigonj Dhaka. Soon he joined as a trainee officer in the then Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd.After completing one and half year of theorical cum practical training he was absorbed as a covenantant officer in the Bank. After Independence his service was transferred in Rupali Bank Ltd, a public sector Bank. After long 35 years of checkerred service he was retired as General Manager. Since 1965 he was in the business of buying and selling land. As a dual citizen of USA he continued his property buying and selling business in Florida USA. In this business he has long exposure both at home and abroad. Mr. Huda has vast experience in this field. We are proud to have him as our Chairman.